Beaver Creek - Cheryl Senkfor

I just wanted to send a note to you all about the wonderful first time experiences that I had  at the Beaver Creek art show.  I am a new artist to your events and was in the demonstration area, It was a great success for me. People were all amazed of what I did and were engaged in trying it and asking me questions about how I could do this and make such beautiful pieces of jewelry by only using my fingers. My location upstairs worked perfectly for my booth. The setup and tear down went remarkably well considering the traffic patterns needed.
I am looking forward to participating in this and other Howard Alan events in the future. Thank you and I wish us all to have much success in the coming months.


Beaver Creek - Patron

My friend and I attended the Beaver Creek Art Festival.  We were impressed by the quality of the festival, and by the artistic
talent of the artist/artisan vendors. The quality was uniform and of high standard. I would certainly attend another festival sponsored by Howard Alan Events.


Beaver Creek - Annette Marie

I have participated and have been honored to be in your Colorado Shows  Aspen, Beaver Creek for several years. Beaver Creek is one of the most prestigious and wonderful shows in the country. My clients love the show and in particular this year. I had so many positive comments and happy people that experienced the Art Festival. I just want to thank you for all your hard work, planning and good people you staff to make it all happen for all of us both artists and patrons.

Aspen & Keystone - Donna Kubik

Just a heads up about how smooth and convienent it was to set up as a vendor in Aspen and Keystone Art Festivals. Aspen we all met at the Intercept Lot 20 minutes prior to our designated set up time. We waited approximately 10-15 minutes and were allowed to proceed to our set up location. Arriving there we had an escort to our booth space. Unloaded and set up. The whole process went without a glitch. Thanks so much for all your hard work, Howard Alan team. Keystone was also a smooth set up. We arrived and went to our locations, unloaded and set up.


Aspen - Loren Feldman

I wanted to let you know that I had a great experience all around at the Aspen Art show last weekend. It was well organized, excellent exposure to buyers of my high end artistic knives, and best of all I exceeded my highest goal for sales. I even picked up an Aspen western gallery which purchased a sizable amount of knives. Given the constraints of pulling off an art festival in a town like Aspen, the staff did an excellent job of balancing all parties needs.   I can not make it to Frisco this year but I plan to add it on in 2018 to the 3 Colorado events that I'm doing this year.

Tracey -  Thank you for facilitating the improvement and presentation of my booth. I had compliments all weekend in Aspen and also in the Vail valley 2 weeks prior which was also a successful art show for me. My plan is to get out of the AZ heat and summer in Colorado in the years to come and build a clientele through the Howard Allen events.... and through a few galleries in Beaver Creek, Aspen.... I can see through the customers responses and sales results that it will be a lucrative and fun gig.


Aspen - Eva Hornung

Thanks for another great year at Aspen. I wanted to say thank you to the ladies who helped with coordinating break down.  So many vendors try to "do something different " to try to get packed up quicker and it just causes problems for all. Those ladies have to deal with so much hassle and I wanted to let them know I greatly appreciate their work. The system/rules work if all the artist just followed the rules things would run smoother and cause less stress. Thank you and I look forward to the next 3 weekends and 2018!

Aspen - Glenn Lewis

It's been a few months since I've done any Howard Alan Events, and I just wanted to give a big thank you to everyone involved in the Aspen show that I participated in this past weekend. Organization seemed to be top-notch, and sales were pretty good. I'm hoping for a call or two that could change that 'pretty good' to 'fantastic!' We shall see. Thanks again for putting together these great events, and I'll be seeing more of you guys down the road!

Aspen - Scott Brockmeier

The Aspen Art Festival this past weekend was well organized.  Your field staff had the thankless task of shepherding all the artists and did it nicely with a professional approach. They also provide me with some great advice for future shows. Please pass on my complements to them for a job well done!

Asheville - Paul Laoria

The Asheville NC show was terrific! Customers were very receptive and commented on the high quality of the show. Hope it continues. I would definitely do it again!


Indialantic - Gloria Stacholy

I just wanted to say what a pleasure it was to do the show in Indialantic. Nance Park is the perfect setting, with excellent visibility from the road. The guests were very happy to see us, and opened their wallets to show their appreciation! 
As always, Mike, Mickey and Bill did a great job. In hopes that we can continue to do shows there, a fall, winter, or spring show would be fantastic!