Michael Vincent, Jewelry

Howard and Debbie, I wanted to thank you for getting me into Coconut Point from the waitlist. It was an absolutely incredible show for me. One of the best shows I have ever done in 20 years in the state of Florida. If you guys were there I would have given you both a hug!! 

Michelle Hinz, Painting

Just wanted to thank you Malinda for the opportunity to share on Facebook’s individual show’s page.

At my last show, I had a lady tell me that she specifically came to the show as a result of seeing my posting on the individual facebook show page!
 She looked me up and found my booth….GREAT ADVERTISING…Thank you, thank you!!!

Laurie Hein, Painting

I'm excited about the new things happening! Best wishes to the entire staff and thank you for creating the best art show ever.

Geoff Coe, Photography
You have collectively raised the bar in every measurable area, and some areas that aren't. Appreciate your continual efforts to have you, and us, be the best at what we do.
Cheryl Parsons, Watercolors
Malinda,  I want to thank you for your publicity help...it really works for these events. In my past life, I owned an advertising/marketing company in Miami for many years; so I understand the work involved in your job.
Lazaro Ruda, Photography

Great job Malinda on the social media work! I know that is a full time job (and a half) to do nowadays. Your hard work showed in last week’s first year Boca show as the place was quite busy. I appreciate your work very much. Thanks!

Michelle Owens Cobble, Photography

We had a wonderful show! Huge thanks to to everyone involved. There are so many HAE staff members working diligently to keep everything smoothly. We appreciate you all so much. It was nice to meet some of the voices we talk to all the time. Las Olas is a marvelous location! See you all again soon!

Cheri Rhodig Kudja, Sculpture

Thank you Howard & Debbie for a great set up! First time I have not had to cart in! WONDERFULLY SMOOTH SET UP! What a great show! The lord blessed us with wonderful weather that got the buyers in our booths thanks to your efforts to host a fabulous group of artists. I heard so many people say they love coming to this show. That's all you Howard & Debbie!

Finny Lazarus, Jewelry

Thank you Las Olas! my best one yet! Debbie and Howard, you are the best! loved every minute of the show!

Elaine Laurent, Mixed Media

Thank You Las Olas and more importantly Howard and Debbie.....and staff. Without you we wouldn't be able to make a living doing what we love......