Ayenne Applebaum, Sculpture

Quick "thank you".  I just saw my booth assignment in Stuart, thanks.  This is what is what I am talking about in terms of the support HAE and you provide(s) its artists. It is like no other. Having had such varied outcomes at this venue I expressed the need to "change it up", test my market, test some ideas to "make it work" and you really listened and have my back. The fact that you work with us this way is truly exceptional. Seriously thank you and the team.

Erin Hilleary, Fiber

I want to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed my first event with Howard Alan. The crowd was fabulous and the art surrounding me was exceptional.  I went ahead and completed my Los Olas Application, as well as Downtown Venice and Juno Beach.  I will gladly apply for Howard Alan Events in the future and around the country with confidence in what you deliver. 
Thank you for putting on and inviting me into such a lovely event.

Glenn Lewis, Photography

I participated in last weekend's Sarasota show and was very pleased with how the show was run.  I just wanted to drop a thank you email to say thanks for doing such a good job with this show.  Looking forward to lots more shows with Howard Alan events in the future, and I'll bee seeing you at least twice more in S. Florida in the next month or so.

Chris Gug, Photography

Hey Tracy and anyone else who may have helped.....
Just wanted to say thanks for getting me into the Sarasota show off the waitlist and finding me a space.  It was a big-time successful show for me, with several customers saying things like, "we came to this show specifically to get something from you", and "oh, great - we were hoping you'd be here - we've got our measurements - here's what we'd like to order", and of course, the artist's favorite, "Hi, nice to meet you, you look busy - we'll take that one".

Melissa Hughes, Soap/Green Market

Thanks for another great weekend in Dunedin! Beautiful weather, well organized set up and break down, great crowd (obviously well advertised), and a very nice selection of artists. This is only my third event with you guys and I continue to be very pleased with your management. I am already looking at your annual schedule to see what other shows I can fit into my schedule. Please share my appreciation with your folks that work onsite.
Also, thank you so much for assigning me a booth space that faced north. That is so helpful to me so that I can protect my products from the sun. It allows me to produce a more appealing display since I'm not having to shelter products from the sun. 
Looking forward to this weekend in the Villages!


Kathy & Loren Bell, Jewelry

Thank you so much for publicizing, organizing and presenting the Hobe Sound Art Festival! We were delighted to see the TV ads, signs on Bridge Road, special bagel goodies for crafters and artists, and a million other components that make a fine show.
As residents of Hobe Sound, we are particularly proud to see how well the community and the promoter worked together to make it one of the best events ever!

Melissa Hughes, Soap/Green Market

I am new to ACE craft shows. The last two weekends were my first with you guys. I just wanted to let you know that I have been very impressed by your organization and friendliness. Everyone I've dealt with, either by phone or on sight, has been professional and helpful.
I look forward to working with you in the future.

Paul Laoria, Paintings

Just wanted to thank you for highlighting my image, Walk in the Park, in your advertising of the Dunedin show. I can't tell you how many people commented that they saw the image and as a result sales were good. Thank you!!


Jim Tucker, Paintings

Once again another fantastic show put on by howard Allen productions ! Thank you thank you thank you for  allowing me the opportunity to participate in this years 2017 Dunedin art festival ! Simply amazing crowds and passionate buyers WOW what a Saturday ! You guys rock!

Becky, Patron

I don't think I mentioned this last year, but I absolutely LOVE your 12 Days of Christmas - - - so clever, so enjoyable. Thank you and the artists!