Can I bring my pets to a show?

Howard Alan Events and American Craft Endeavors welcome both our artists/crafters and patrons to bring their dogs to our outdoor shows as long as your pet is friendly, gentle, well behaved, kept on a leash and most importantly has an appreciation for the arts. It is you responsibility to keep your dog from disturbing your neighbors. Please note that not all outdoor events are pet-friendly, please check the show location rules prior to arrival with your pet.

When is the deadline for your shows?

We do not have deadlines for most of our shows. In the event that a show has a deadline, it will be clearly posted. Shows will close when we have reached the maximum number of juried exhibitors for the space we have available. Please keep in mind that many of our shows and categories do close early, so the best suggestion is to apply for the shows you want AS SOON AS the application becomes available.

Do I need to collect sales tax?

According to our government laws, all sales of tangible goods must be taxed. Sales tax varies from state to state, county to county and at times city to city. You are responsible for researching, collecting and reporting your sales and taxes. You should contact the local department of revenue for the show venue for additional information. Most of the time they have websites. At times, the local tax office does contact us for a list of exhibitors and we are required to comply.

What do I need to submit in order to apply to the shows?

Please visit our Become an Exhibitor page. It will outline everything that you need to do.


Do I need separate checks for deposits? What about account balances?

You do need to send separate checks for all deposits. You may be accepted into some shows, but not others. By sending separate checks, we can return the monies for those shows you are not confirmed for or place you on the waitlist. Balances may be sent in one check. Be sure to indicated which show(s) you are paying for in the memo section of the check.


What if I don't have a display picture?

Outdoor Events

For outdoor events, an outdoor display picture is REQUIRED and you will not be juried with out this. We suggest setting up a display in your backyard or wherever you have the room. The display photos you submit must be consistent with the booth you will set-up in the shows. If it is different and unacceptable, you may be subject to removal from the show. The purpose of this is that we need to see how your set up will look in our show. YOUR DISPLAY IS JUST AS IMPORTANT AS YOUR WORK. If you do not have a tent you may contact The Tent Guys at 561-374-1783 or email at



When are balances due?

Outdoor Craft Festivals

Outdoor Craft Festival balances are due at least 30 days prior to the event for craft shows. For each show that we have not received the balance on or prior to this cut off date, there will be a $30.00 late fee due for craft shows in addition to your show balance, with NO EXCEPTIONS. We do not accept payment at the show. If full payment is not in the office along with the late fee by the Friday before the show, you may not be allowed to participate or your space may be forfeited to another exhibitor. Please contact our offices to confirm receipt of your payment prior to participation. This will assist everyone during set-up. Repeated late payments will also result in loss of deposit privileges. 

How do I know if my work is fine art or craft?

If you are unsure what category your work falls under, you can always email your photos to to be reviewed. Please include a letter requesting that your work be reviewed for the purpose of classification under art or craft and a biography of how you make your work. Our committee will let you know whether your work is fine art or craft under our guidelines. Please note that taking this step is not to be construed as acceptance into a particular show.


Which shows will have a Friday night set up?

Since most of our events are held on downtown street venues, we logistically cannot close the street the night before for a Friday set up. Your confirmation letter will state whether or not a show will have a Friday set up. This detail is determined by the property/city and cannot be changed once they have advised us. 

How does the waitlist work?

When you wish to apply for a show or a category that is already closed, you have the option of applying for the waitlist. You would apply in the same manner as you normally would for a show (Zapplication or paper application). If applying on paper, indicate WAITLIST next to the closed show. The show fee will be held un-cashed in the event we cannot locate a space for you in the show. It will not be cashed unless we contact you and you accept your spot in the show. Your deposit will be returned if you do not get accepted.

When will I hear about any shows I am waitlisted for?

You most likely will not know if you are accepted until the week of the show. However, in some rare cases we are able to call artists on the waitlist as early as 30 days prior to the show due to cancellations. Please keep this in mind when applying to the waitlist. The reason for this policy is we generally will not know if additional spaces are available until we have laid out the show and factored in any cancellations we have received. We suggest that if you are on the waitlist for a show, contact us at the beginning of the week preceding the show and the latest date we can contact you in order to feasibly get ready for the show. You will also want to advise us of the best phone number to contact you. You will be notified after the show is laid out if we have the space for you to participate.


How long before I know if I am accepted to a show?

The jurying process can take anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks (these times may be longer when new applications become available). Apply early so you are not left wondering too close to a show date. If you apply close to a show date, your application will automatically be RUSHED through our system. Please be patient so that the committee has time to thoroughly review your work. You will be notified via e-mail of your acceptances. Please keep in mind that our office receives many applications on a daily basis. We take special care with each of the submissions and personally go through each one for completeness and accuracy. It does take some time for us to go through all of the applications daily. Please be patient. If you do not hear from us before the week of the show, feel free to call our office. Remember: It is your responsibility to follow up on your application. If you do not receive any confirmation, you should contact the office. Outdated e-mail addresses may account for your not hearing back from us.


If I am juried into one show, will I still need to apply to other shows?

Since all of our shows are juried separately, you do need to apply to each one individually. Acceptance into one show does not guarantee acceptance into all shows. Each application must include photos of your work and display to be considered. Incomplete applications will be turned away.

How do I request space for a show?

You may make a space request when you submit your deposit/booth fee, or no later than the 3 weeks preceding the show. It must be made before the show is laid out. You may call the office or e-mail your request; please do not verbally make your requests to a show coordinator as we will not be able to keep track of this. Keep in mind that this is only a request and we will do our best to honor it, but there are no guarantees. In addition, we may only have 1 or 2 spaces in a certain area and if 10 people request the same space, it makes it impossible for us to honor your request. This decision will be based on space and the overall look of the show.


What is your cancellation/refund policy?

Outdoor Craft Festivals

Outdoor Craft Festivals cancellations must be made in writing or emailed at least 30 days prior to an outdoor craft show. If you cancel with the proper amount of notice, you will receive a credit for all show fees paid, good for 2 years. Application fees are non-refundable. We do not, at any time, issue refunds unless we have canceled a show with ample time prior to its scheduled date. If a show is canceled AFTER logistical and advertising arrangements have been made, refunds will not be issued under our rain or shine policy nor due to any forces of nature, (i.e., hurricanes, tornados, floods, earthquakes) as outlined in the application. If you are not paid in full at this time, you are still liable for the balance. We understand that there are many unforeseen circumstances that may arise last minute, however, we cannot make exceptions to this policy.


What is the procedure for adverse weather and how do I protect my booth?

Because of our full calendar of events, we cannot reschedule a show for a future weekend if adverse weather arises. If inevitable inclement weather is expected, please check this website for any updates or contact the office to see if the show has been canceled. Shows will be held rain or shine and we will not cancel a show in advance. If we are required to cancel a show due to a decision made by the property or host city, we will make every effort to notify you in advance by any means we feel fit; however, no credits or refunds will be issued if we are unable to cancel prior to making any logistical or advertising arrangements. This timeline will be at our discretion. If it is decided on the spot to cancel a show due to hazardous weather conditions, credits or refunds will be not issued. To protect your tent, it must be sturdy enough to withstand harsh weather. When purchasing a tent, inquire about its maximum wind and rain resistance. Also, you need to have enough weights on each pole of your tent. This is dependent on the sturdiness of your tent. Inquire about this information when purchasing a tent. Generally, a 40 pound weight per each tent leg is standard. Tents must also be certified flame-retardant canopies. Please bring a copy of this certificate with you to the shows. Before staking into any surface ground other than grass or hard dirt, please check with the show coordinator.

When will the next seasons schedule be available?

Our summer/fall (May-December) schedule is available in December/January. Our winter/spring (January–May) schedule is available in May/June. Click here to sign up for our newsletter and you will be notified when the new schedules become available.

Does all the work I display have to be handmade?

It is absolutely IMPERATIVE that the work you display be your own, handmade work. We do not allow buy-sell, kits or mass-produced products of any kind in any of our art shows.

Can my friend/partner/spouse/etc. do a show for me?

One of the aspects that Howard Alan Events and American Craft Endeavors pride themselves on is the fact that attending our shows allows for the opportunity to meet the artist/crafter personally. It is REQUIRED that the actual artist/crafter be present at his/her booth during all hours of the show.

Can I only exhibit for one day of the show?

You MUST attend and occupy your booth for all days and times of the show.

What is your policy for returned checks?

Returned checks must be paid immediately with a money order, cashier's check or cash. An additional $36 returned check fee needs to also be included for each returned check. International checks will carry a higher fee, based on current bank rates. The office will contact you upon notification of your returned check. You will need to contact us within 5 business days of our initial contact to make arrangements to clear up any returned checks. Failure to do so may result in legal action and you will be unable to participate in any shows until they are cleared. Multiple returned checks may also be subject to a cash only basis for future shows.