Craft Festival Indoor Display Requirements…presenting your work with style, class & refinement.


Indoor Craft Festival Display Requirements

In an effort to upgrade the overall look of our shows, we are asking all exhibitors to take a look at their displays and determine:
1.  Is my display professional and aesthetically pleasing?
2.  Is my entire display attractive and inviting to the public?
3.  Have I made every effort to represent Howard Alan Events/American Craft Endeavors and myself to the best of my ability?

3D Crafter Displays
Pedestals, at different levels are the best to display pottery, ceramic, glass, and wood. Make sure pedestals are painted an appealing color that enhances your work or have them covered with an attractive neutral fabric. If you use tables, please be sure they are properly covered and the fabric touches the ground. No plastic covers or fabric pieces. All covers must be fitted and hemmed and have the same color scheme. No storage bins or boxes should be visible.

2D Requirements
Grid walls are acceptable in the craft sections, but they must be matching and clean. Make sure your walls are secure and neat. Browse bins should be nice and match your display. Free standing bins are the best, if not, a small matching corner table is nice. If you need to cover any table, make sure it is a matching fabric and drapes neatly to the floor.

Anyone can put out tables and either lay jewelry on the table or on velvet necks for display, but that is not the way to go. What we find the most attractive is wood or mica units, with or without glass, with either coral, stones, or whatever ideas you can come up with to enhance your jewelry. For example, if you make glass jewelry have a few pieces of the loose glass on your cases/pedestals.

All tables must be properly covered with fitted covers that touch the floor. Pipe and drapes are recommended if you do not have walls as part of your display. They can also be used to hide your storage area.