This list is current as of January 21st, 2016. For the most accurate and up to date information on closures, please visit the festival pages on our website at


Show Name Show Dates Jewelry Closed

Fiber Closed

Photography Closed Show Closed
13th Annual St Armands Art Festival 1/30/16 1/31/16 yes yes yes yes
15th Annual Hobe Sound Festival of the Arts  2/6/16 2/7/16 yes yes yes yes
28th Annual Sarasota Festival of the Arts 2/13/16 2/14/16 yes      
10th Anniversary Coconut Point Art Festival 2/20/16 2/21/16 yes      
26th Annual Stuart Art Festival 2/27/16 2/28/16 yes      
15th Annual Venice Art Festival 3/5/16 3/6/16 yes   yes  
6th Annual City Place Art Festival 3/5/16 3/6/16        
28th Annual ArtFest By The Sea 3/12/16 3/13/16 yes      
52nd Annual Key Biscayne Art Festival 3/19/16 3/20/16        
12th Annual Coral Springs Art & Craft Festival 3/19/16 3/20/16 yes      
28th Annual Las Olas Art Fair Part II 4/2/16 4/3/16 yes      
38th Annual Siesta Fiesta  4/9/16 4/10/16        
4th Annual Arlington Festival of the Arts 4/16/16 4/17/16        
The Fairfax Corner Art Festival  4/23/16 4/24/16        
2nd Annual Virginia Beach Downtown Art Fair  4/30/16 5/1/16        
2nd Annual Shadyside Art & Craft Festival  5/21/16 5/22/16        
8th Annual Hilton Head Island Art Festival  5/28/16 5/29/16        
26th Annual Art in the Village  6/4/16 6/5/16        
11th Annual Crocker Park Fine Art Fair   6/11/16 6/12/16        
9th Annual Louisville Festival of the Arts  6/18/16 6/19/16        
14th Annual Aspen Art Festival  7/23/16 7/24/16        
 Keystone River Run Village Art Festival 7/30/16 7/31/16        
29th Annual Beaver Creek Art Festival 8/6/16 8/7/16        
10th Annual Main Street to the Rockies Art Festival 8/13/16 8/14/16        
2nd Annual Steamboat Springs Art Festival  8/20/16 8/21/16        
20th Annual Shadyside…The Art Festival on Walnut Street 8/27/16 8/28/16        
14th Annual Alexandria King Street Art Festival  9/17/16 9/18/16