Reaching more than one million...

More than one million patrons each year attend Howard Alan Events & American Craft Endeavors Festivals at a variety of beautiful, scenic venues across the nation. Join us as an art or craft festival sponsor and enjoy unmatched marketing, promotion and advertising opportunities. Reach hundreds of thousands of people within one weekend!



Our distinctive street galleries are unique events where more than 50,000 affluent, well-educated patrons with a high disposable income attend on any given weekend. Join one of the community’s biggest cultural arts events in a relaxed outdoor venue. Generate tremendous exposure, enhance corporate branding and image, generate thousands of sales leads, launch effective promotions, and enjoy a wealth of advertising opportunities.

Howard Alan Events Art Festivals outdraw some of the community’s biggest sporting events and concerts. Our geographic reach surpasses typical community run outdoor events. Add to this the support from our community partners and our own creative and vastly effective event marketing and you have a unique opportunity to reach a very wide audience. There really is nothing like the face-to-face opportunity to promote your product and services to a desirable audience. Association with a longstanding and well respected cultural event in the community with co-branded marketing opportunities that imply a Festival endorsement adds increased validity to your message.

It is expected at our outdoor galleries that visitors bring in thousands of dollars in revenue to nearby stores, restaurants and businesses. We are committed to promoting the highest quality shows and events supporting our artists, communities and professional partners. Howard Alan Events prestigious art festivals are consistently ranked in the top 100 list of "Sunshine Artists USA," a nationally renowned artisan magazine.

A well crafted sponsorship is a proven vehicle that along with traditional marketing elements will give you the essential experiential marketing opportunity.  Experiential marketing enables you to ensure that the direct personal experience that your potential client has with your company is a positive and memorable one. This is an opportunity to have direct access to tens of thousands of qualified potential clients in a beautiful, fun and relaxed setting. The fact that this event is an art festival can provide unique and creative options for your onsite activation.

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