Zsuzsanna Luciano

Zsuzsanna Luciano is a Conservation Fine Art Photographer that has trained in Europe and has graduated the New York Institute Of Photography. During these years Zsuzsanna has achieved two Awards Of Merit from the NYIP. It is worth mentioning that even one Award of Merit is difficult to achieve from the NYIP. Zsuzsanna has two of these distinctions. She is equally skilled with the digital camera as with the standard format film cameras.The countless hours of paying attention to shadows and color matching is why Zsuzsanna pieces look so three dimensional and painting like.

Zsuzsanna has two great loves, painting and photography, both which she started more than 15 years ago.  She was born in Budapest, Hungary and has now lived in the USA for the past 15 years.

Most of her works will appear to be three dimensional or as if the viewer is looking out of a window or standing in front of a canal or in front of a vast canyon. Her art transports the viewers to the most beautiful places in the world without the use of photoshop or digital manipulation. Her art is aimed and focused at saving what nature has to offer, not altering it or changing it. Zsuzsanna's art is one with a true purpose, to save for many future generations what is quickly disappearing before us today.