William Brozy

''My photographic journey began with love. I shared many years with a great dog, and bff Spark. Together we hiked countless miles through the woods, across mountains, down sidewalks and along two oceans. It was during this time I purchased my first Nikon SLR to document our companionship and adventures - just snapshots of the moments we shared. I was immediately hooked. What was a means to simply preserve memories became a journey into visual artistry.
My work continues to evolve. However, one constant goal remains. I aspire to capture the soul of a moment, when inspiration felt pure. It is during these spirited moments, I feel as if I touch the greater mysteries of life.
I am a graduate of West Virginia University and reside in Fairfield, Pennsylvania. My work has appeared in numerous publications and is easy to find on a number of web platforms. Clients include Apple Inc., Civil War Trust, and many others. my website: www.brozyexpressiveimagery.com"