William Alburger

I have created functional wood eco-art furniture from reclaimed wood and found objects my whole life.

The old wood inspires me and it feels good to preserve some of it. As an eco artist/conservationist, I rescue and salvage wood to minimize waste and because it is irresistibly attractive to me. I have a passion to make highly original art of some kind and when I work with the old wood, it feels like I am just continuing an art project that was already started. The curiosity about what's inside the decayed log and the curiosity of about the best use of a broken board is very motivating to me. It is the wood itself that seems to direct me as to what to make and how to make it. I follow the flow of the wood and try to place in the spotlight the interesting grain or markings. I want to make it so others can enjoy it in their home, so I often give it some function. It is a shame to see some of this wood go to waste and it feels good to preserve some of it. To me, the wood is already art and I want to bring this art from the burn pile and the floor of the forest to the center of people's homes, positioned in places of honor.