Werner Holzbaur

Born and raised in the Austrian Alps, Werner traveled to the port city of Hamburg on his eighteenth birthday, enlisted as a seaman, and made the sea his home. Following several years of service on merchant ships, a twist of fate introduced him to the challenge of sailing.

Captivated by sailing and the sea, Werner captained cutters, schooners, sloops and yawls. During this time he designed and built the cutter "Wotan".  Aboard this stout and trusted vessel, Werner and his wife Kim, parrot and dog sailed the northern and southern seas.

Werner always enjoyed the creative process, particularly with wood.  He eventually discovered his talent for transforming wood into magnificent sculptures.  Not only has he been able to capture the beauty of the sea through his renderings of sailboats and sea life, but also achieved a level of craftsmanship rare to his profession.  Occasionally, Werner would select a special piece to be cast in bronze, utilizing the traditional lost wax method.  Each Limited Edition carried Werner’s signature and a certificate of authenticity.