Wendy Boucher
Mixed Media

Wendy Boucher’s art is all about paper, but the roots of her work are in painting.  The pieces resemble paintings in composition and color but obtain added texture and story from the use of paper.  Boucher studied watercolor painting when she received her undergraduate degree in art at Southern Oregon University.  Combining what she learned about painting with the lessons in paper art that she had received from her artist mom, Boucher carved out her own niche in the art world:  painting with paper.

After art school, Boucher’s art career took a temporary back seat to further study in political science and law.  Boucher received a Master’s Degree in political science from Portland State University and a J.D. from Cornell Law School.  While practicing law in Washington, D.C., Boucher continued with art on the side.  Eventually, relocated to Florida to raise a family.  Always keeping up with art, Boucher dabbled in several careers including owning a small manufacturing company, writing three novels, establishing a publishing company, publishing several travel articles, working as the Executive Director for a small non-profit organization, blogging, and serving as a Grants Consultant.

Boucher, with her husband and daughter, Sophie, is a keen traveler.  Most of the larger works that Boucher has produced are inspired by her travels around the world and the photographs that she took along the way.  The countries that Boucher has travelled include China, Kenya, Tanzania, much of Western Europe, several Baltic countries (including Russia), Central America, the islands of the Caribbean, Botswana, and South Africa.  Boucher collects paper from these various trips but also uses paper from any source, including art paper, recycled paper, tickets, brochures, and other ephemera.  All works are on stretched canvas and finished with a UV protective varnish.