Virginia Kerr


I’ve always been creative. As a little girl, I made simple things like pot holders, crochet or knit a blanket or cross stitch a decorative item. No matter the difficulty of the project, there was a personal sense of joy in the process.

In 2003, there was a demonstration on television of how to weave a pine needle basket.  I researched and found a school whose curriculum included pine needle basket weaving. From my home in Arizona, I traveled across the country to North Carolina to study at the John C. Campbell Folk School. The class taught the basics of the art form and I found the entire creative process fascinating. 

When I returned home, I continued to weave and expand my designs. Living in the Southwest, there’s a great deal of exposure to Native American influences and it’s reflected in many of my baskets. 

No matter where I travel, I’m always drawn to patterns. My personal challenge is how I can manipulate a pattern into something new and beautiful. 
I truly enjoy taking pieces of nature, such as driftwood, stones, feathers, or bark, and using them as a base for a basket or a lovely embellishment. I push myself to utilize them in new and unique ways. 

There’s always a new crop of pine needles to be harvested.