Victoria Jackson

"Entertainment came in the form of building something, whether it was clay, paint, wood or paper. We were always creating something. I can remember painting with my mother on the same canvas. She would start painting at the top of the canvas and I would start at the bottom. When I grew tired, she would finish the painting.

My parents opened the Ann Jackson Gallery in 1971. Working in the family business allowed me the time to quietly paint, which was something that I loved to do.

In 1999, I gave birth to a medically fragile child. His only chance to live was to rely on machines for the first four years of his life. I wanted to support other families who had medically fragile children but who did not have the support that I had. So I began having fundraisers. The first fundraiser, called Auction for Hope, was held at the gallery. People were excited to donate money for my paintings! It was at this event that I knew what my mission in life was: to paint and do good will.

Most of my paintings are of a turbulent sky crossing over a vast landscape, but somewhere above there is always a glimpse of a brighter day coming. I believe through adversity comes tranquility, and I want my paintings to reflect hope and tranquility".