Vicki Barrett

Vicki Barrett lives in the mountains of Colorado but is also quite at home under the water photographing what ever comes by; be it the smallest pistol shrimp or whale shark.

She named her business “Pau Hana Studios”, a Hawaiian term for ‘done work’ while living aboard the sailboat she and her husband purchased in retirement.  The Caribbean was a wonderful adventure and  her cards of underwater marine life and brightly colored houses that dotted the shore line could be found from the BVI’s to the Netherlands Antilles.

Vicki’s ART is done digitally with the aid of a ‘Wacom’ tablet, and computer as she adds layer after layer then erasing parts to control the degree of ‘glow’.  This adjusts the amount of sheen so the metal shows through each piece.

Her METAL prints glow from within the ART work itself.  Today, her works are large aluminum prints mounted to exotic panel boxes often made in Triptychs.