Vera Nahornyj

"I am an Interior Designer by trade, and have found it to be a wonderful outlet for my creativity. However, jewelry-making is my passion. In it, I have found the perfect way to express my creative nature and at the same time, design beautiful pieces of jewelry for others to enjoy. It is now my full-time occupation.

I have a love for all things vintage that goes way back to my childhood. I have collected and worn vintage jewelry for years. Now, I design and fabricate upcycled jewelry with beautiful elements from the past. 

My jewelry is repurposed from antique and vintage gems, jewelry pieces and parts, as well as unusual decorative elements found in antique silver, bronze, brass, copper, etc... 

I also sell vintage jewelry in its original form, that I find to be unique, and best left as found. Other bits and pieces find their way into new creations. I love so many forms of jewelry-making, so I am always trying new things. I also create new jewelry designs in sterling silver and gold, incorporating semi-precious stones. 

I am a self-taught artist, with over 14 years experience in the jewelry-making field. I love to try new things. I find inspiration in each piece that I am working with, and let the creative process go from there.

My work has been featured in boutiques, at art shows and other venues. I hope you enjoy enjoy my designs, and find something you love! Custom orders are welcome and appreciated! Let me create something special for you!"