Tyler Stinson

A third generation welder and metal sculptor, Tyler found his way to artistry along the path less traveled. Through decades of exposure to the craft, he experimented for some time, eventually taking on sculpting as a regular practice. Initially uncertain of if he saw himself in the work he was creating, he was intrigued by others’ experiences of his sculptures. It was not until he learned to trust his intuition and integrate both a subtle playfulness and draw from the interconnected nature of all things that he found a true home in his work. 

Creating pieces that are approachable and often juxtaposed, Tyler uses hard materials that are traditionally associated with the masculine and through various processes of working the metal, he creates sculptures that often have a distinct feminine softness, with clean lines, strong curves and careful details.  

Tyler is a graduate of The Pennsylvania State University. He currently resides in Tucson, Arizona and shows at over twenty fine art shows across North America.