Tyler Miller

"My excitement for the natural world first began in my pajamas, sitting arm to arm with my siblings in front of the TV. The show, “The Crocodile Hunter”, was last call of the night and a family ritual. Steve Irwin changed the way I perceived our connection to nature with his deep respect for animals. His close and thrilling encounters with wild, dangerous reptiles taught me that we are not above or below any species on the planet. It also embedded in me a passion for wildlife- something that would grow to become my life’s work.


  Photography runs through my veins, as my grandpa spent his free time exposing his photos in dark rooms. I had been practicing photography for years before my mother told me about this. I think this is why she was so supportive of my desire to be a photographer from the beginning. My quest stirred up fond childhood memories of her father. She graciously bought me my first DSLR for my high school graduation. Since then, I have been practicing for over a decade, slowly discovering how to compose and properly expose images.


  Making photographs is a never-ending pursuit of learning and understanding. My style is developing as the years go by. I’m striving to make my work more emotionally appealing to others, hoping to connect people to our natural world similarly to how Steve Irwin did before me. I like to use my lens to show my appreciation for nature’s distinctive colors and textures. The infinite beauty of nature’s complex design never ceases to amaze me. Working with National Geographic is my ultimate goal, in hopes of restoring human balance with nature".