Tyler MacDonald

My name is Tyler MacDonald, I was born April 25th, 1995. My life and passion is photography. I have always been moved by the intensity of a good photograph, so at the age of 11, I picked up a camera and started pursuing my love for photography. My family has always been behind me while I move towards my career in the art. With both my mother and father having an eye for creativity and passion for the outdoors, they have helped develop my eye for a good image. Our family outings have now turned into photo expeditions, traveling the world in search of my next shot. Whether it is scuba diving in the pitch darkness of the extensive underwater cave systems in northern Florida or hiking into the heart of the everglades, I will go to any extreme to capture the animals and landscapes that most people will never see. I am very lucky to have known from a young age that I wanted to make my career in photography and capture the beauty in nature and share it with everyone to see.