Tom Clements

"The journey into this career took a few twists and turns for me. With the high school dream of being a National Geographic photographer, I invested in my first  35mm in 1977. The darkroom was a natural fit and my dreams were fueled by many trips throughout the Midwestern landscape and the prints I ended up with. After high school, other career options were presented.

When the opportunity to take over the family’s oil business cropped up, I chose to run it with the thought of pursuing photography on the side. A few years went by, and being a family man with an already full plate, my photography dreams went to the back burner…until recently.

Exhausting my vision for the corporate world, I decided to re-enter the land of photography and purchased a new DSLR Nikon. A career change now allows me to pursue my long-time photography dream…traveling the world and capturing its varied beauty. The challenge of bringing a scene to print that will transport any viewer to a place or memory has truly become a passion worth pursuing.

Married to my high school sweetheart, Chris, we are currently living in Thompsons Station, TN.  We have two children: Quintin and Brianna, along with a dog, Max".