Timothy Hall

Since the beginning of my photographic journey, I have had an affinity for capturing moments, whether it is nature or the instinctive actions of individuals in ordinary surroundings. In my work, I reflect upon my interest of nature, jazz, and inanimate objects. While one expanse displays the vastness of fouls and mammals in their natural habitat such as birds in flights or animals by the water, others reveal the beauty of what one may consider abandonment. Often printed in black and white to demonstrate the purity of the moment, color prints are included within the collection to expose the vibrancy sometimes needed.

I believe my work offers something that embodies the essence of what photography is all about… capturing the beauty and fascination of the moment. Sometimes capturing these moments are the result of a deliberate methodical attempt to realize a vision or construct. More often instinct guides my art. Other than some color enhancement, there is no other digital manipulation in most of my pieces.