Timothy Forman

im is an impressionist landscape artist. He enjoys oil painting on canvas with both brush and knife. Through his work, Tim seeks to lift the spirits and inspire awe above our day-to-day lives.

“As you can see, I like to paint clouds and water.”

Born in 1986, Tim grew up in sunny south Florida. Some of his favorite past times are the beach, fishing in Biscayne Bay with his dad, and stargazing. He first picked up the brush at nine years old under the instruction of Peter Olsen. During these formative years, he learned to paint what he observed. 

“My dad and grandfather were the ones who encouraged me to keep painting through my teenage years.”

By 17 years of age, Tim was receiving the occasional commission. At one point he worked in Acrylics but soon switched back to the oils to which he was accustomed. It was at this time that he discovered the works of Florida Landscape artist, A. E. Backus. Tim greatly admired Backus’s work and began taking note of his interpretation and style. “Backus really trained my eye for landscape and composition. I think he’s one of the best.”

Tim is primarily a self-taught artist. His work is the result of dedicated practice. He has learned the indispensability of observation and hard work. “I try to learn about what I’m painting. That helps me paint better. I also read and learn from other artists, implementing what works and disregarding what doesn’t. I have to keep learning and growing as an artist.”

Tim’s painting process begins with observing the beauty of nature. He uses field sketches, plein air paintings, and photographs to compose his pieces. In the studio, Tim composes and edits his ideas. Painting in layers with both knife and brush, he creates his landscapes to portray the splendor and simplicity of the natural world around us.

In recent years, Tim has moved his painting into the public art scene. Although he is new to the world of art, he has bright prospects for his professional career as a fine artist. “I enjoy painting and I know that it is a wonderful gift. I hope to share it with others.”

Tim has a vibrant and sincere faith, which gives him purpose and wonder in his art. He says, “I enjoy the beauty of nature because it points me to the One who created everything. Stars, clouds, water, and wind all give a glimpse into the imagination of God. To Him, I am most thankful.”