Tanya Tyree

Tanya Tyree was born in Richmond, VA and graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Art from Virginia Commonweath University in  1994.  She found her passion for clay after graduating from college.  Having focused on Art Education and painting while at VCU,  Tanya’s influence in clay is not traditonal.   After teaching high school art for six years in the state of Virginia she choose to work full time as a clay artist.  Tanya’s current clay sculptures are inspired by many contemporary artists like Marc Chagall,  Henri Matisse, Henry Moore, Pablo Picasso,  Gustave Klimt as well as African, Asian and Islamic art forms.  Her education in clay is from self exploration and years of trying to break free from traditional ideas.  With an intention to create works that are completely original, she hopes her work touches the spirit of the viewer. Her pieces are often considered peaceful and uplifting.