Tamra Adducci

Tamra Adducci creates corded fabric art – a most unique art medium.   The Colorado native, and proud third generation Italian, states that the 700BC Eutruscan art period of the Tuscany region of central Italy has been a huge inspiration for her work.   From her studio in Denver, Colorado Tamra handcrafts her corded fabric artwork in an intricate process that involves wrapping fabric strips around cordage and connecting adjacent sections with a sewn zig zag stitch.   Different sewing machines are employed and pieces are molded and shaped, much the same as clay on a potters wheel.  

“It’s exhilarating for me to see the fabrics morph into a whole new look. I carefully apply hand sewn scroll work, beads and other embellishments to bring each piece a unique, one of a kind look.”

My incredible Grandmother taught the “Lost Art” of sewing to me at the tender age of nine.   My Grandma’s words; “If it’s not right, rip it out!” were instilled in me and ring true to this very day, making me the exacting perfectionist that I am in my work.  My pieces not only are considered works of art, but many also have functional value.