Sylvie Camps

The art work I create is the expression of my traditional French background, life experiences and love of nature and color.  My talents, from early painting to my current jewelry work, have evolved without any art education or influence resulting in pieces that are unique in the world of wearable art jewelry.  What started as restringing a broken necklace evolved into works that get comments like: “I’ve never seen this type of work anywhere” and “your use of color is amazing”.

My materials include: the smallest glass seed beads, glass and stone focal and embellishment beads, shells, buttons, and found objects.  They are pieced together, one at a time, with needle and thread in a dynamic creative process resulting in unique, one of a kind, necklaces, bracelets and earrings that tell stories about: a pool of light in a swamp, a citrus bouquet, an autumn brook or a personal loss.   Not a drop of glue is ever used.

The evolution of technical skills used in this art work started with mastering Peyote Stitch, originally used by Native Americans to embellish ceremonial objects.  This stitch is used in a way that creates a three dimensional canvas upon which and within are woven colors, shapes and textures in an open and airy fashion.  Other advanced beading techniques are used to add a sinuous neck cord or entire exhibition pieces.