Steve Joslyn

Joslyn Fine Metalwork opened it's doors in 1985 with a single goal. To offering beautifully designed and unique pieces of ironwork. Quality workmanship is the cornerstone of the business along with a genuine desire to give our clients superior service and personal attention. These ideals allow us to create a truly unique and personal experience and ultimately, works of art that reflect our clients personal tastes and style.

We here from many of our clients that they have never seen anything like the pieces we create. It is our willingness to think outside the box. Imagination and dedication to our ideals bring this work to life. We will continue to create our work as long as we are able and have clients that appreciate the unique over the mundane. After 30 years we still get excited about beginning new projects. With enthusiasm and passion we dedicate ourselves to every piece. We are confident our clients will be very pleased with the results. 

About Steve Joslyn
I knew from the first strike of my hammer on hot iron that I wanted to be a blacksmith. That was over 35 years ago. I enjoy the challenge of finding new and unusual ways to forge steel, focusing on fine details, subtle textures, and clean lines. I want to create something truly different.

Originally from the Midwest Steve first expressed an interest in blacksmithing at the age of 21. Receiving a BFA in Metalwork and Graphic Design from the University of Wisconsin in 1981. "I was excited about creating jewelry of gold and silver but the first time I forged iron I knew that I could do great things."  As a young man, Steve studied under master blacksmiths from Europe and the US. He apprenticed at a shop for a couple years before he decided to launch Joslyn Fine Metalwork in 1985. Recently, Steve has relocated to Arden, North Carolina and has continued running his shop/studio ever since.

Steve has always been drawn to the beauty of nature.  "When you consider the struggle of the plants and animals over the eons of time and have adapted to survive. There beauty and variety, these are things to be celebrated. I have no real interest in copying nature directly but to capture its inner significates and the miracle if its existence.  I am not interested in shocking or disturbing imagery. I am not interested in abstracting or bending the world to my personal ego. I want my work to be a reminder of the beauty that surround us but so often is taken for granted."

I would like to take a moment to acknowledge parents. My Father, an engineer, and my Mother an Artist. My Father was a builder and problem solver. My Mother looked at the world in unique and creative ways. Both have greatly influenced my life and work and I can never repay them for there dedication and support over these many years.

About Our Ironwork
There are many tricks, tips, and techniques that I have developed over many years of trial and error. I can only say that I am always learning and experimenting to take my work to the next level. There is no finish line, only the continuing journey that is the life of an artist.