Steve Gill

Humor is never missing from an art show when Steve Gill is present. Originally from the San Francisco Bay area, Gill lives on a bus and travels around the country, attending and showing off his work at a multitude of art festivals. When asked how long he has been painting, he said “Thirty three years, which is actually odd, because I’m only 29″. You can see his sense of humor carry over into his cartoon paintings, sometimes twisted in nature; they cannot be viewed with a out a laugh.

Not only does he have adult-oriented cartoon paintings, but one thing he does at art shows is have children tell him what to draw.  If the child wants to draw a dog, he will ask “With what kind of expression, and what is the dog doing?" He finds this to be a fun experience, and we are sure it is for the kids as well.  The finished product is a collaboration between artist's inner child and actual child.