Sita Jacobson

For Sita, a piece of jewelry is so much more than just a beautiful object. It is a memory, a connection, a story.

Growing up, Sita’s Grandmother Sabina had an exquisite jewelry collection. Sita recalls how her Grandmother was drawn to the beauty of each piece, but more so, to the memory each piece represented. Sita would sit with her Grandmother as she shared her collection and the stories of the pieces. She cherished these moments, and her Grandmother’s jewelry collection quickly grew to represent so much more than mere pieces of metal and stone.

Inspired by the significance of her Grandmother’s collection, Sita developed her own collection of handcrafted pieces, aptly naming it Sabina Jewelry.

Now, deeply influenced by the outdoors, Sita designs and handcrafts each piece to tell its own story in her Steamboat Springs studio. The simple but dynamic beauty of nature influences both the way each piece looks and the ease in which it can be worn.

For Sita, it’s important that women want to put on a piece of Sabina Jewelry and not have to worry about taking it off. She wants the jewelry she makes to become another part of each woman’s unique story. The pieces are made to join women on their hikes, their bike rides, their ski runs, and still be there, ready to be worn to a wedding, a dinner, or an event. To be the first pieces packed for a vacation and the last thing a woman has to think about.

Sita designs her jewelry to be easy & effortless, but also chic & feminine. She hand-selects the highest quality materials and hand designs each piece to last. It is Sita’s hope that as she continues to find inspiration from the outdoors, and as she travels and embraces new cultures in new designs, the women who wear Sabina jewelry find new ways to share their own inspired style. To appreciate the hand-crafted elements and hand chosen gems. To feel beautiful and to feel strong. And most importantly, to tell their own stories of the jewelry they wear.