Sip-Tshun Ng
Mixed Media

I am Chinese but I was born in Indonesia.  I grew up in a small house.  Downstairs my parents manufactured noodles that we sold to both restaurants and the public.  My grandparents had moved to Indonesia from China in the 1930s to try to make a better life for our family.  Being immigrants, we were limited to only the ways of the native Indonesians.  We were not permitted to study our heritage our Chinese language at all.

Pontianak is a beautiful tropical paradise where the equator passes right through the middle of town.  I spent my youth playing in the lush jungles and on the pure white sandy beaches of the Java Sea and the South Pacific.  These colors and surroundings would later become the inspiration for my work. 

As I got older, my art began to evolve into a pastime of cartoon illustrations, fabric painting.....I now live in south Florida with my partner after traveling the country for 7 years.  It is here that I am able to continue producing my artwork, which continues to evolve. 

My sculptures reflect the simple pleasures that life affords us even amid the hustle and bustle of our daily routines.  I draw my inspiration from the present as well as the past.  The one constant is time.  It is precious and we must live in each moment of it.  While we shouldn’t worry about each minute passing, we should be mindful of it and appreciate the whole spectrum of experiences that come with it.  Enjoy your journey!