Shelby Dillon

Shelby's heart beats to the joy of wandering, of dreaming, and adventuring.

She love a long brunch with friends, bubbly on the beach, and impromptu dance parties in the studio. Shelby love staying up late and laughing until her face hurts from smiling. She believe in sparks, in spontaneous luxury; and enriching life through fresh experiences and designs.

SDS grew out of the amazing adventures Shelby had as a newlywed expat living in Southeast Asia and South America. She learned to embrace the unexpected and peek down the road less traveled. Shelby translates the beauty of this crazy world, exotic and familiar, into art, home decor and accessories that can be incorporated into everyday life. She draws on her experience as an artist to capture that sense of wonder and adventure and bring it to others. All of her designs are inspired by these travels, and are made to help everyone embrace their individual adventure each and every day.