Shelly Augsbury

Shelly Augsbury, painting under her initials, SEA, has been in the creative arts all her life. Recipient of

over 40 international, national, and regional advertising awards, she has now set her sites on the canvas. ​​

Art runs in Shelly's family. You can say it's in their DNA.  It all started a short time ago, when one day she woke up and said "I need to paint." Shelly never pursued painting in her creative career, but why not? So she just picked up the paintbrush and started painting.  And she hasn't stopped.

Shelly paints mostly in acrylic and on a large scale. She works fast (since she has no patience, but insists she is working on that) and enjoys the flexibility acrylic gives to her art.  Her paintings typically highlight the female form, the beach, flowers, cars or anything that rolls.  SEA paints her passions at the moment. And most of Shelly's pieces are whimsical, colorful,  and either centered at the beach, Montana, or on the open road.