Sheldon Anderson

"For twenty plus years, my love of travel and photography brings me to where I am today.. What was once a hobby, became a passion and now a business; focused on Scenic, Event and Commercial Photography. 

I consider myself to be a Digital Artist. Immersed into understanding and overcoming the limitations of the digital camera. Using software to recreating what I could see in my minds eye of "the shot".  You might ask "why use the word recreate", it's because the camera has "maybe" 50% at best, the dynamic range of exposure and contrast of our eyes/brain. I may have to take the best of several images and combine into 1. It's my opinion, this is exactly what our eyes/brain does billions of times a day.

It all comes from the love of seeing, doing and figuring it out..  "Self taught if I might say".... 

I come from a small town in north Louisiana. As a kid, loved to spend time at my grandparents farm, doing things like fish, chase cows or be chased by them. Ride horses, gather eggs and get scared to death when you grab a chicken snake from one of the over head coops. Things that so many kids today have no clue of. It's a lost life that was simple and good for the sole. 

As a young adult, newly married, time to take care of a family and find a career path. In 1987, I became district sales manager for a German company with a large US presence. Travel became a part of life and then came the camera to capture the "new" to show family. 

2012 was a turning point in photography. Instead of bringing that heavy DSLR camera on a trip to Scotland and Ireland , I purchased a so called "nice pocket camera". Big mistake, too slow and limited in so many ways.  Made to jump to all new high end Nikon Bodies and Lens...  Now I had to figure out what I was doing right and wrong...

Looking back over the years of photos, they appeal to clients. Gain high rankings with online image review sites. Voted 2015 photographer of the year for the Baton Rouge chapter of the La Photographic Society. I've decided to see how for I can take this passion.

"Low Light" photography has grown to be a major part of my works. There's something deep inside that reacts to the dramatic nature and color of the night. Then add the reflections of wet surfaces after a rain....  "WOW!!!"

After being asked to speak at a club event, this ignited the interest to led workshops, lecture in the hopes to share the passion and excite someone to take it to the next level. A taste in 2014, but 2015 was the start into the world of, "Art Shows".  Click the "Our Events" button above to see what and where we'll be in the coming months.

A common question to both my wife and I, "does your wife take photographs?" she'll be the 1st to say "NO". But, I must say she's gotten into the middle of it all and I'm so thankful for her support!!!!

Give me a call or visit an event, I'd LOVE to discuss my work with you.
We do special projects with clients promoting their business or products.
Cross marketing of images and website consulting".