Shanti Yard

The earliest information on woodturning using a lathe dates from the 3rd century BC in Egypt. The lathe has historically been an important instrument used to produce utilitarian pieces and for creative artistic expression. 

My passion for woodturning began 13 years ago. I take pride in using woods indigenous to the Appalachian Mountains where I am from in Southwest Virginia. I predominantly use burl which lends itself to unique bark inclusions and distinct grain patterns. No two pieces are alike. My vessels are rather sculptural; I focus on form over function. I often incorporate crushed stone, mineral specimens, silver and copper powder inlay and antler for dimensional purposes and beauty.

The most exciting aspect of my work lies in the unfoldment of a raw piece of wood. My goal is to unveil the inherent beauty of the wood to inspire a remembrance of divinity. The supreme beauty of nature inspires me; I try to convey that with the pieces I create.