Sharon Aach

"I have been an artist since the moment I was born.  Over the years I have drawn, painted, cooked, sewn, knitted, beaded, sculpted….having studied and worked in all different areas, I am always drawn back to painting mixed media.

I delight in making art that people enjoy. Ideas and creativity as an independent self taught artist have granted the opportunity for my work to be completely genuine and pure. Art has been an evolutional journey my whole life. Having now retired from the medical field, my role as an artist has come full-circle from a hobby to now a lifestyle.

Art to me is an expression of my inner self, my identity, my passion, and my declaration of life.  I am perhaps totally in my natural element when working in my studio smeared with paint and listening to good music.  I love to have my imagination challenged while venturing to create a truly unique and original work of art.

For me, creative work is not a linear process.  Sometimes I have a vision from the beginning and other times I experiment as I develop a piece.  It’s very important to me that my work reflects the organic process from which it was developed.  No two pieces of mine are ever exactly the same."