Scot Buccina

Scot was raised in an Italian family, born of parents whose families immigrated to the White Mountains of Maine from Tuscany and Calabria, respectively. Trained in the classical arts, he studied at the University of Maine for his Undergraduate degree, and received a Teaching Assistantship in Studio Sculpture at Florida State University, where he earned his Masters in Art History and Studio Art (sculpture).  

He draws inspiration from their level of finesse and has been honing his craft utilizing various media for some 25 years and has completed award winning works in stone, alabaster, and wood. His Master’s collection included abstract, yet functional musical instruments sculpted from various hard woods. A later collection in Burl wood captured awards and acclaim. Today, his works may include bronze and clay gathering inspiration from the world around him.  

He is widely recognized in South Florida as a preeminent source for sculpture refinishing and repair, called upon often to help rehabilitate broken and scratched sculptures.  He displays his collections in galleries and participates in national Art Shows.