Satesh Ramjattan

"Satesh Ramjattan is a self-taught Fine Art Landscape Photographer from South Florida. He has a strong connection to nature and the outdoors where he feels most comfortable. His previous profession in the television industry allowed for his creative juices to flow, but his imaginative and dreamer persona felt unfulfilled, leading Satesh to years of social anxiety and depression. In 2012 Satesh picked up his camera, an old high school interest, and went on his first shoot at South Pointe Park. The moment he stepped onto the sand and the water rushed over his feet, he knew he was in his element.  The motion and sound of waves coming ashore brought him to peace, something he had not experienced in years. This was a pinnacle moment in Satesh’s life; he realized he needed to follow his heart. Nature and photography made a paramount change bringing peace and happiness to his life once again. The purpose of Satesh’s photos is to evoke the same peace he feels while capturing his images. As a conservation photographer, Satesh also wants to bring awareness to the public about protecting and conserving what remains of natural Florida particularly its oceans and coastal areas. Satesh rises early in the mornings partnered with his camera to seduce the natural beauty of Florida’s coastlines and the Florida Keys. He uses a variety of shutter speeds to either freeze the drama of crashing waves, or to slow those incoming and receding creating beautiful painterly streaks in the sand. Occasionally, Satesh will immerse himself in the ocean to give viewers a more intimate point of view of its beauty. The purpose of Satesh’s photography is to help bring awareness about ocean conservation, and he hopes his images evoke that same feeling of peace he feels when in his element".