Sabrina Ehlert

Painting with a twist… of paper.

A life long artist and painter, I discovered quilling when I was handed a large stack of unused beer labels and invited to make art with them for a special art show. At first I was at a loss.  I wanted to use the materials in ways no one else was using them but I had no idea where to start. After a burst of inspiration, I started cutting the labels up into strips, rolled them up into different shapes, added them to a canvas and presto… I found a new medium! I loved how the paper quills added depth, dimension, and especially texture to the work. After the art show featuring beer labels, I continued quilling. I discovered that I could mix the paper quills with acrylic painting to create art in ways that was new, different and very exciting.

My work is inspired by so many sources; plants, animals, nature, mythology, fantasy, family, life…

For me, art is life.

I love bright bold colors, and deep, rich texture and I strive to convey that love in my work. While the majority of my current work features painting and quilling, I’m always trying to find new and unique ways to share my point of view— telling my story in my art.