Ryan Hayes

"I was raised in the small southern Indiana town of Dale. Like a scene from a Norman Rockwell painting, as a young boy, I spent every minute possible shirtless, barefoot and enjoying the outdoors. My love for the outdoors and its wonderful wildlife grew to be one of the most important aspects in my young life. I experienced first-hand what it is like to cross a twisted, broken barb wired fence, to jump from a dusty barn loft or see deer crossing the snow-covered field behind my house. With my art, I hope to bring that life to those who have never lived it, or to bring back wonderful memories to those who have.

From my earliest memories, art has been a part of my life…my grandfather in the back of a little white church drawing rabbits, turtles and other wildlife for me. He was a factory worker with rough hands from all of his hard work, but amazed me at how his simple #3 lead pencil could communicate and illuminate life on a piece of paper or church bulletin. This childhood memory, along with who I would consider to be one of the best high school art instructors around, helped feed my need, my want and my love for art. I am a self taught artist who has always had the passion for learning, and a warm joy in my heart when teaching others, how they with the right technics and a open mind can draw or paint beyond what they ever believed they could.

I have now been married to my high school sweetheart for over twenty-five years and have two beautiful young adult daughters. They, too, share my love for wildlife. My oldest is pursuing a career in the equine therapy industry, and the youngest hopes to direct her career in zoology after college, studying apes, elephants and other amazing creatures.

Now with my daughters practically grown and the motivation of my wonderful wife, I am once again applying my brush to a canvas in hopes of sparking a memory, a fantasy or just enjoyment in your heart and mind through my art.

I hope you enjoy and God bless!"