Angela and Ryan Feipel

"Photography has always been a large part of Ryan Feipel's life.  Whether sitting on a mountain side waiting for the right light or hiking for miles to find the best scene photography has helped to show him the time of his life.  As a self-taught photographer, Ryan continually strives to capture the artistry of everyday life.  He sees the beauty in nature, cities and people alike.  The atmosphere in each image reflects the emotion of the artist.  
Ryan started photography at an early age.  Shooting snaps with an old Kodak quickly turned to black and white stills on his dad Pentax as a teenager.  Later on, is his early twenties, touring the world in the military, Ryan often regretted not capturing all the sights on film.  To that end, with the advent of digital, he started on a long quest to capture the world through the lens of any available camera.  
The art grew into a business and CANTRA Photography was started as a family business with wife and business manager Angela Feipel. The CANTRA name stems from their desire to recognize the combined effort their family has in their business. But in all actually, their kids named the company. To this day, Ryan will bring one of his kids along on his adventures to share his passion for photography.
Although his art is available in many formats, it is best represented in the acrylic float mount.  This frameless float mount offers a modern and clean look with a simple design offering the best representation of the art.  All acrylic mounts are ready to hang and offer the best protection and viewing experience".