Ron Stinson

Ron Stinson is a metal sculptor. Originally from the Pittsburgh area, he has been designing and creating metal sculptures for over forty years. He developes many designs from his study of nature and the use of repeating patterns. Ron strives to capture a sense of motion by filling the three dimensional space with bold structure, vibrant color and texture.

Ron typically begins a sculpture using a plasma torch to cut the raw stock metal down to a more manageable size. Forming or sculpting the metal is usually performed by hand, using hammers, clamps and a vice to bend and shape the components. MIG welding is usually the first step to bring the initial parts together. TIG welding the edges fuses the metal and the long process of grinding and sanding begins. Coloring the metal is achieved by using an oxy/acetylene torch to produce a spectrum of colors from amber to deep purple.

Once the sculpture is assembled, hours of painstaking hand-cleaning and sandblasting are necessary to bring out the luster and color of all the different metals that are used. Chemical patinas are also applied to add some colors not directly available from the metal or welding process. This creates surfaces with endless shades of green, blues, burgundies, gold and silver, lending an organic quality to each individual piece. The final step is to apply an oven-fired, weather-proof, powder coating. The baked-on coating protects the sculpture from tarnishing or discoloring for many years.

Ron's work has been shown in numerous galleries, juried exhibitions and solo shows. He has completed many private and corporate commissions. Included in his body of work are abstract and crop circle designs for the wall and freestanding sculptures.
He is currently exhibiting work at numerous art festivals and various art galleries throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states.

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