Roger Denham

Throughout his life drawing and painting have been close comrades to Mr. Denham. Inspired by the colorists Van Gogh, Klimt and Vermeer and the stylist Egon Schiele Mr. Denham developed his representational style of painting. With minimal professional training at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and random community classes Mr. Denham evolved into the pastel painter he is today. He views the world as potential painting possibilities and nowhere is off limits. From trekking through the coastal savannahs of Central America to the city parks and zoos of many great American cities to lectures on eagles or other birds, Mr. Denham has compiled a portfolio of avian art that includes a wide list of species.

“My paintings are in essence snapshots of life before me at any given moment.”

Mr. Denham’s process starts with his own photographs exclusively then he makes a detailed sketch to compose the painting which is then transferred to the final paper and painted in soft pastel. From his studio on 20 acres in the remote high desert south of Santa Fe, New Mexico, Mr. Denham creates works representing many different avian species and is a member of the Santa Fe Society of Artists which exhibits on the weekends from April to October in downtown Santa Fe.