Robert Mclaughlin

Passion ! a word not often associated with our "9 to 5" jobs.

It is, however, one that explains why we lose track of time in an enjoyable pursuit.

Landscape photography is my passion. It provides a creative venue to share frozen moments that remind us of the "good life." Traveling with my wife, Susan, and our four children to the US National Parks made me aware of how our busy work schedules and responsibilities can cause us to overlook the "purple mountain majesties" waiting for us here in America. As we explored and hiked those trails together, I noticed how pausing to enjoy the scenery was therapeutic for body, soul, and mind. Wanting to capture & share those glimpses became my goal in photography. My Italy images currently predominate, as I plan to return there for my fourth straight year, but my portfolio and website are a work in progress.  So go ahead & browse the galleries at my website below.  

I hope you enjoy & are refreshed by these reminders of "La Dolce Vita."     

And..... don't be in a hurry.