Robert Hyde

With torch, steel, copper and brass, Robert sketches a unique vision– blurring the boundaries between reality and fantasy.  His forms, founded in his acute observations of humans, animals and nature, are shaped with masterful skill— enlivened with enchantment and imagination.

As a youth of the 60s , Robert made forays from his horse-farm home in the hills above Malibu to explore the alluring fantasies of the clubs and streets of West Hollywood.  A young artist making his way in the surreal world of The Boulevard, he opened a gallery and gift shop, “The Shire Market”, at the legendary “Troubador”. In the wings of the performer's stage he learned the art of The Mask and honed his craft.

Growing to maturity in the 70s and 80s, Robert returned to the place of his birth, the Flats of Salt Lake looking east to the Wasatch Range.  In this harsh but spectacular landscape his imagination became inhabited with images of the Native Americans. Inspired by visions of a lost world, he created, at his Workshop Gallery in Trolley Square, some of his largest and most spectacular pieces.

With the new century, Robert sought out a greener more gentle place to live his life and perfect his art.  From his intimate vantage point on the banks of a Beaver Pond, in the Berkshire Hills above the village of Becket, Robert has been gathering the spirits of wetland and woodland creatures around him. Recently, he has taken up the life of the itinerant showman. Look for Robert and his fantastical works at local and regional venues such as the Becket Art Center, Mystic Outdoor Art Festival and the Guthrie Center in Great Barrington.