Robert Green

"When you walk for a while, or paddle a little bit, you quickly leave the roads, parking lots, and crowded places behind you. The world quickly becomes less cluttered with the things of modern life, less engineered, and less manipulated. And it becomes wonder filled ... there is something to marvel at in every direction and with every glance. Time away from the things of man is to be cherished. 

My photography is an attempt to capture a little bit of that wonder. If the pictures can give someone even the briefest moment of escape or if they inspire someone to get outdoors or to take a hike, I will feel I have accomplished something. 

Another hope is that I might increase someone's awareness and appreciation of the fragile nature of these wilderness areas. Nearly all of them are under pressure from development, pollution, over use, and climatic change. Every now and then, we have opportunities to make good decisions and do the right thing concerning parks and open spaces in our communities, state forests, or national parks. Keeping open spaces in the public domain, at every level is of critical importance. Once they are lost or developed, they're gone forever".