Robin Focht

Robin’s journey in creating beautiful and unique glass masterpieces started when she came across some glass flowers while browsing the internet. The ingenuity of the pieces peaked her interest and so her journey began. The hunt for pieces of glass while scouring thrift shops became her obsession.

Her vision of all the possibilities of what can be created from a seemingly ordinary glass object, accelerated her artistic approach to mastering her craft. Her life has not been the same since! “I can no longer look at a piece of glass without seeing it becoming a flower, wall art or centerpiece”.

Each inspirational piece is a product of her combined passion and imagination. It evokes a “childlike” feeling when one marvels at the intricacies and design and detail that goes into each creation. “It makes you imagine what it would be like to be in fairy land”… says one client. In loving memory of her husband, Gary, who gave her the nickname of “Sweetpea” – yes spelled as one word, Robin chose to honor his memory in this small way by naming this wonderful business after him. She truly enjoys making each and every one of her prized pieces, and can only hope that there’s one in your future that will bring a smile to your face.