Robin Aronson

"I create jewelry from colorful, lightweight anodized aluminum or color-plated brass and many other materials.

I have worked with many jewelry-related mediums over the years including precious metals and gemstone setting, polymer clay, glass fusing and lampwork, and metal clay. I have Art Clay Silver Senior Certification and PMC Level II certifications. I fell in love with anodized aluminum right from the beginning because of all of the vibrant color possibilities. I like the way the bright colors make people feel happy. Although I worked with many other mediums along the way, I always returned to the colorful metal.

We live in Jacksonville, Florida, where I grew up and lived most of my life. I have a detached home studio, where I spend most of my day. Reilly and Ziggy, my two studio pups, come in periodically to check on me and make sure I'm working hard. My husband Bob and I travel in our camper to art shows in the southeast, and in the midwest in the summer. I have a studio set up in the camper so I can work on the road."