Richard Wilson

Richard Wilson is a visual artist who uses reality and creativity to produce images that reflect the beauty in the world around him. After graduating from South West Edgecombe High School in Pinetops NC, he attended Barton College to pursue his dream. There he studied Communications Art and began investing in his future as an artist. He later received a degree in Advertising & Graphic Design from Pitt Community College, and after graduating he served as an instructor in the same art department in which his own dream was cultivated.

Richard Wilson’s resume resembles that of an older accomplished artist. Given his masterful execution and the universality of his subject matter, Richard’s work is both acclaimed by professional artists and has strong popular appeal. His narrative paintings frequently feature his own family and in particular his children in those special moments that only children have while growing up. Wilson’s artistic strength is his capacity to select those moments that transcend the personal and can reach a broader audience. Some paintings are nostalgic, some express those human connections that are only found within the family, and some express the challenge; in all his paintings there is warmth and discretion.