Richard Horner
Mixed Media

"My name is Richard Horner.  I am from Rimersburg Pennsylvania and have been working with wood since I graduated from Union High School in 1979. Over the next 20 years I grew in my knowledge and passion for wood working and soon had mastered every machine in the shop at my furniture job. After a 12 year hiatus from carpentry, I bought a small lathe to revive my wood working passions. After a rather hefty investment and time I was set to create.  Little did I know that this would become an addicting hobby that would help me get through some tough times ahead.

In Sept 2008 after 25 years of untreated acid reflux, I was diagnosed with Esophageal Cancer.  October of that year I went into the hospital for an Esophagostomy, where the esophagus is removed and stomach reattached to replace the esophagus. This event changed my life forever. After 4 months of semi recovering I was ready for Chemo. But after a Cat and PET scan more cancer was found in my lymph nodes.  I had another surgery to remove one cancerous lymph node. Chemo started a month later and so did its side effects. But on days when I was able to walk to the shop I would turn pens and other little items. Along with prayer and turning I got through the chemo and I have been cancer free since June 2009.  We have a saying around here that through Prayer and Pens I defeated cancer.

My Family and I have started campaigns to promote awareness of Esophageal Cancer and are making strides to impact other people who are going through the same challenges that I have faced with my history with cancer.

Thank you for visiting my website. Please take a look at my hand-crafted pens and read more about the production making process and how I turn a rough piece of wood, acrylic, or jawbone into a beautiful piece of art".