Ric Grossman

          A career abstract expressionist, recognized for his non-figurative, nonobjective and nonrepresentational paintings and drawings. The meaning in his work is expressed as an emotional experience. It also stems from a lifetime pursuit in philosophy and music. As a modernist, he is in search of new modes of visually connected spiritual expression. "Abstraction has corollary vibrations with music and pure spirituality." He also visualizes full-color, detailed works during dreams. Working in a meditation, a spontaneous interplay of complex, descriptive imagery through a flow of strokes, one leading to another. When a painting starts to reveal complexity, there is an subconscious emphasis on asymmetrical balance. Critics perceive his work as process oriented, non-objective, and painterly as opposed to more conceptual or analytical abstraction. Miro's automatic Surrealism resonates with his intuitive approach. He does not intentionally look back to the Modernists in the Post-Modern tradition. He has his own personal mode of tactile, kinesthetic expression. Paintings have both an organic and architectural feel. Having had many solo and group exhibitions, his work is found in public and private collections of American and International collectors.