Richard Auger

Growing up in Southeast Florida, I’ve always loved the haunted, mystical quality of Florida’s swamps and rivers, as well as its peaceful, sunny coastlines.  I spent many summers scuba diving South Florida’s coral reefs and swimming in the springs of North Florida.  While studying at FSU, I joined the Outdoor Pursuits Club to explore and kayak the surrounding Panhandle areas, as well as hike the mountains of the American South.  I rarely brought along a camera, choosing to instead enjoy Florida’s natural splendor without the distraction of technology.

Photography has been a passionate hobby since I took a darkroom class in high school.  But in late 2010, I finally decided to follow my dreams and take on photography as a full time career.  I purchased an old 6×7 film rangefinder and began trekking alone through much of Wild Florida to create an all new black and white film series, with a focus on authenticity and conservationism.  I hope that my work has captured just a little of what this state has meant to me during my life, as well as other Floridians that share my passion for our landscape.